Song Of Solomon 7 vs. 3 - “Your two breasts are like two fawns,
Twins of a gazelle.”

Hi welcome to Greatsexinmarriage a website designed strictly for married couples who are serious about and believe in enjoying sexual intimacy which is what God intends. Let me say up front that this site has some explicit sexual content including photos which are all intended to provide information through information and visual instructions. I know that some persons especially my fellow Christians may not agree with my approach hence I do ask that if you believe that such material will offend you then this site is just not for you so try another site like The marriage bed, it's a good site. This site is not exclusively for Christians but non-Christians must appreciate that Biblical principles guides this site hence absolutely no profanity or offensive comments in messages will be welcomed.   

I don't claim to be an expert I'm just sharing from my 22 years of marriage, being a counsellor and one who has spent a lot of time researching on the subject. I'm still learning and working on making my marriage better in every area. Some persons might wonder why I take the approach of being so explicit & graphic, I do so within reason and proper context. In fact as you will discover the bible in the book of Songs Of Solomon is far more explicit and graphic than many realize, however we'll be looking at that further on. So if you decide to continue from here I do trust you will enjoy your stay here and that the information & material will certainly help bring great sex to your marriage. A very important note here.


There are some videos shared on the site with explicit content, they are not intended to be porn they are intended ONLY for learning from them. If a partner has had issues with porn addiction, the strong content might not be suitable for viewing..especially men (of course some women do have porn issues). So I recommend that if there is a concern about lusting then please don't view. A wife can view then share the information with her husband, if both feel comfortable and there are no such underlying issues then both should view together, with the aim in mind simply to learn. I don't use these videos as an endorsement of the makers and to the best of my knowledge real couples (cannot confirm if all are married) are used in them. Your motive for watching must be only to learn so as to enhance your marriage, I've gone through the unpleasant experience of searching for appropriate content which is educational and not simply pornography. I do not endorse the use of porn at all, although some will still consider the content here porn, hence I take the time to carefully explain..however nothing used here is designed for that purpose


 Feel free to share your views & ask questions by going to the Let's Talk page.  Note that to continue viewing this site you must sign in to do so, it's simple and just take a minute or two. Please read and agree to the terms of use, thank you. When you log in please go to the Terms of use page before proceeding.

God bless you
Micheal McIntosh 
Minister Of Religion
Marriage Officer


© 2023 by Jack & Ann Wedding. 

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